AMD To Change Graphics Cards Naming, New Series Will Be Named R9-XXXX

The next-generation graphics card from AMD is almost ready for launching. While we know that AMD skipped HD 8000 series, which was just a rebranding of HD 7000 lineup for OEMs, the company has no plans to introduce HD 9000 series. Instead, they will adopt new naming scheme that should be easier to learn.



According to Guru3D, AMD plans to use a different naming scheme with the upcoming generation graphics card. Instead of using e.g. HD 9970 name, it will be called R9-9970 corresponding to the current APU segment where we can find A8 or A10 names.

To explain it a little bit further, the first digit indicates desktop graphics card. The second digit stands for the particular generation, for example the current desktop lineup would be called R7-7970 (Radeon HD 7970) while the upcoming will be R9-9970.

However, the second digit could mean something else. It could indicate a performance segment, not the series, looking like this:

Radeon 9970 -> R9 Radeon-xxxx -> R9-(i)970 followed by R9-970 (i +1) 970

Radeon 9870 -> R8 Radeon-xxxx -> R8-(i)980 followed by R9-870 (i +1) 870

AMD Radeon Naming

Either way, we’ll have to wait for any official confirmation. Luckily for us, AMD plans to introduce the next-generation lineup very soon so we won’t have to wait much longer to find out.


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