Fujitsu P27T-7: unprecedented precise colors of white IPS with 1440p

White IT goods lovers had to wait for their semi-glossy IPS with 2560 x 1440 px resolution and brightness control without PWM by Fujitsu. Is P27T-7 sound competition for Dell U2713HM, HP ZR2740w or Eizo EV2736W?


I'm sure you still remember the Fujitsu P27T-6 IPS review. Just like Dell U2711 this monitor offered 27" screen size with with 2560 × 1440 px resolution, covered most of the AdobeRGB gamut and has an adjustable stand. It also presented a good alternative thanks to its white coating, typical for Fujitsu, and very low (comparatively of course) price.

This year Fujistu presents a successor, judging by the designation P27T-7 LED. The IPS matrix remains but the datasheetu does not mention AdobeRGB coverage. It seems like the same evolution as with Dell (U2711 › U2713HM) so with LED backlight instead of CCFL comes a reduction of gamut coverage to a standard (sRGB). That will probably be a problem for a limited user group only. Let's hope another change of the antireflex from anti-glare to nicely clear semi-gloss comes as well, and Fujitsu keeps the clever sensor for automated brightness control and high-quality fully adjustable stand. All of the above said should be trua according to specifications.

P27T-7 is fitted with DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4, DualLink DVI and D-Sub inputs (you can't set the native resolution WQHD with the last one), USB hub with four ports upgraded to 3.0. Two integrated double two watt stereo speakers are surprisingly good with P27T-6 again. Again the OSD allows you to set Czech language and the colors can be set in three axes (R, G, B). 

P27T-7 parameters compared to other monitors


Dell UltraSharp



Fujitsu P27T-6 IPS

Fujitsu P27T-6 IPS

Fujitsu P27T-7 LED

Eizo EcoView EV2736WFS

Viewable screen size27" 27"27"27"27" 
Panel type (matrix, backlight)H-IPS, LED S-PLS, LEDp-IPS, CCFLH-IPS, LED H-IPS, LED 
Aspect ratio16:916:916:916:916:9
Maximum resolution2560 × 1440 2560 × 14402560 × 14402560 × 14402560 × 1440 
Dot pitch [mm]0,2330,2330,2330,2330,233
Design colorblackblackwhitewhiteblack
Viewing angles horizontal/vertical178°/178° 178°/178°178°/178°178°/178°178°/178° 
Horizontal frequency digital/analog [kHz]30–11330–9027–10030–10031–89
Vertical frequency digital/analog [kHz]56–8656–7624, 50–7550–7559–61
Color depth8-bit, 16.7 mil.8-bit, 16.7 mil.8+2 bit, 1.07 bil.8-bit, 16.7 mil.8-bit, 16.7 mil.
Color space (gamut)sRGBsRGBAdobeRGBsRGBsRGB
Brightness / Luminance [cd/m˛]350300350350300
Contrast ratio – typical1000:11000:11000:11000:11000:1
Contrast ratio – dynamic2 000 000:1Unspecified20 000:120 000 000:1Unspecified
Response time [ms]8 – GTG5 – GTG6 – GTG5 – GTG6 – GTG
Power consumption Switched On/Stand By [W]100 (max.), 42 (typ.)/0.5 >69/53 (without USB)/1110/75 (EPA)/0,049/31/0,4/0,067 (max.), 24 (typ.)/0.5 >
Video inputs1× DualLink DVI-D s HDCP, 1× DisplayPort , 1× HDMI, 1× D-Sub2× DualLink DVI-D, 1× DisplayPort1× DVI-D with HDCP, 1× DisplayPort, 2× HDMI, 1× D-Sub1× DVI-D with HDCP, 1× DisplayPort 1.2, 1× HDMI 1.4, 1× D-Sub1× DualLink DVI-D with HDCP, 1× DisplayPort 
Supplied cables1× DualLink DVI, 1× D-Sub, USB, Power cord1× DisplayPort, 1× DVI, 1× USB 3.0, Power cord1× DualLink DVI, 1× DisplayPort (both 1.8 m long), audio, USB, power chord1× DualLink DVI, 1× DisplayPort, audio, USB, Power cord1× DualLink DVI, USB, Power cord
USB hub / Additional connectivityyes, 2 + 2 USB 3.0yes, 3× USB 3,0yes, 2 + 2 USB 2.0yes, 2 + 2 USB 3.0yes, 2× USB 2.0
Speakersnonoyes, 2× 2 Wyes, 2× 2 Wyes, 2× 1 W
Headphone jacknoyesnonoyes
Accessoriesinstallation CD, Quick Installation Manual, cable stripInstallation CD, User guideInstallation CD, Quick Start User guide Installation CD, Quick Start User guide Installation CD, User guide
User controls4 buttons, 2 for brightness regulation, 1× Power On/Off and 1× Input select6 buttons, shortcut buttons: OSD menu, Eco settings, Brightness/Volume, Input, PBP and Power On/Off77 buttons, shortcut for input, eco mode, preset modes and brightness, on/off, automated settings (analog) and OSD menu7 buttons, shortcut buttons:Eco, Input, color modes, OSD, volume, brightness, on/off
Operationsimpleslightly complicatedslightly complicatedslightly complicatedsimple
Color profiles in OSD– Custom, Standard, Game, Cinema, Dynamic ContrastAdobeRGB, sRGB, Native, User defined, 6500K, 7500K a 9300KOffice, sRGB, Photo, Video and D-ModeUser1, User2, sRGB, Paper, Movie
Advanced color settingRGBRGBRGBRGBRGB
Removable standyesyesyesyesyes
Tilt-4° to 21°-2° to +25°-5° to 20°-5° to 35°0° to 30°
Swivel90° 270°170°340°344°
Height adjustment range [mm]115150130130150
Driversyes, on the supplied CDyes, on the supplied CDyes, on the supplied CDyes, on the supplied CDno
Color profilesyesnoyes, on the supplied CDyes, on the supplied CDyes
Other softwarePowerNapDisplayView ClickScreenManager Pro
Dimensions with stand (h × w × d) [mm]424–539 × 639 × 200443–573 × 643 × 225416–541 × 646 × 252405–535 × 644 × 227400 – 550 × 640 × 250
Weight incl. stand [kg]10,26,610,21010
Warranty [yrs]3 (NBD)33 (ZDP)3 (ZDP)5
Price [CZK]14 00016 00016 00017 90018 800

Prices were verified in the following e-shops:,,,, and (the lowest price for the monitor with in-stock availability, or in case of expensive monitors at least on-the-way or in-several-days availability, prices incl. VAT).



The Monitor Asset Manager reveals control electronics by Mstar of an unspecified type and a fact that P27T-7 does not support 1920 x 1080 px @ 24 Hz.




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