Unconventional passive Zalman FX100 Cube vs time-tested Ninjas

An ultimate noiseless cooler, as characterized by its manufacturer, was compared not only to its direct price competition, but also to relatively cheap Ninjas.

MultiSync EA294WMi: 29-inch IPS with 21:9 done by experienced NEC

Monitors with resolution 2560 × 1080 px tend to replace two screens and, despite the good-quality IPS matrix, their price remains affordable. But ratio 21:9 for business monitor?

BenQ BL2411PT: IPS bomb that’ll finally destroy flickering Dell U2412M

Price under € 260, an IPS matrix, semi-gloss antireflex coating, brightness regulation w/o flickering, adjustable stand, 1920 × 1200 px at 24”. Is there a catch?

Philips 298P4: a wild mix of IPS, 21:9 and a display size of 73 cm

29” IPS monitors are cheaper than their 27” colleagues. They lack pixels in height, but the 2560 × 1080 resolution is great. Is Philips a good choice among the giants?

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 650 OC: a wedge between Radeon 7750 and 7770

GeForce GTX 650 is amongst the most frequently sought and bought graphic cards. The price seems reasonable; the “GTX” in its title hints that this is a solid gaming card.

Akasa Euler: when the noise free PC is the reality

We have been fighting the noise made by moving parts of our machines all the time. That's why Akasa introduces completely passive case with minimalist design as a bonus.

MSI GeForce GTX 780 Gaming: fast, cool, extremely silent and favorable

4th generation Twin Frozr scores again. It is able to keep GPU securely below 80 deg. C even in low RPM, so GPU clock speed does not decrease even after prolonged strain.

Test of Richland GPU (Radeon HD 8670D), or APU AMD A10-6800K in action

Will AMD once again be queen of the integrated graphic cards kingdom after the release of the new APU? How much better is the Richland’s GPU than that of Trinity?